See How This Guy Avoided Total Humiliation After Catching His GF In Bed With Someone Else!

northtics | May 14, 2018 | 0 | Hot news

Ben Clark thought he had a great relationship. He realised he was wrong the day he found his GF in bed with another man.

His work trip to Boston was cancelled so he was able to get onto an earlier flight. He didn’t tell his GF though, as he believed it would be a nice surprise for her. It turned out she had a better one.

Last week, Ben felt like something was happening behind his back but decided to trust his girlfriend anyway. He didn’t want to ruin his relationship because of jealousy. “I entered the apartment and directly knew something is not right. It smelled like in an old bar in there. Then I saw male shoes in the corridor. It couldn’t be more obvious that behind that bedroom door, there is somebody else than just my GF.”

He knew exactly what he was going to see the moment he opened that door; so he grabbed his phone to make sure he would get photo evidence of her in the act!.

“I opened the door and screamed SURPRISE! And guess what, they didn’t even make a move, sleeping in my bed passed out drunk. A half naked dude looked like he enjoyed his sleep, just like he was at home.”

As planned, Ben snapped a few pictures of this pathetic view and within seconds, all of them were posted on Facebook! It was his original way of punishing an unfaithful girlfriend for humiliating him in his own house.

He even took a selfie with both of them in the background and wrote “If I knew your name bro, I could at least tag you but no worries, I’m sure my GF that is sleeping next to you will take care of that” with a devil emoji.

After his pictures went viral, Ben received an incredible number of positive comments, admiring his attitude. People were congratulating him for saving face in such a miserable situation. Some of them contacted him to share their own stories, to show him he is not alone! All this feedback helped him to recover from a heartbreak and made him realise there are still good people in this world!

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