He Had A Brilliant Idea Of How To Punish His Ungrateful Girlfriend!

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Alan Brook – a 45 year old entrepreneur who achieved a big success with his IT solutions company had a perfect life. Amazing house, young, beautiful fiancée, regular vacations abroad. At least that’s what he thought…

“I met Blake 3 years ago at my friend’s house party. It was definitely love at first sight. From that day on, she made me the happiest guy on earth.” – says Brook.

He asked his girlfriend to move in with him after 3 months of dating. Why waiting if you love someone, right? He provided her with everything she needed, not asking for anything in return, besides her love.

Seems like a perfect couple? Well, we will see about that…

For three years, Alan thought he is living a dream, but after a while he started to feel like something is not right. “I analyzed the spending of the credit card I gave her and it raised my concern” – he admits. Blake was working as a philanthropist and with the money he was giving her, she was supporting many local non-profit organizations.

At least that’s what she was supposed to do… Brook realized all the transactions made with his credit card were done on… exclusive clothes, bags and shoes!

“I can’t believe it! All this time she was lying to me.” – said Alan. He was completely down, asking himself questions: “Did she even love me?” How could I be so stupid and naive?”

His breakdown didn’t last long though, as he decided to punish his ungrateful girlfriend.

“When she told me she goes to Paris for a conference, I knew it was a perfect moment to get a revenge” – explains Brook.

After he noticed the first transaction from La Fayette shopping mall, he got excited about what is about to happen.

“I just blocked all her credit cards, correction – MY credit cards. No more using my money for her fancy things!” – he admitted proudly. She directly called her boyfriend completely panicked, asking why none of “her” cards work.

“I wanted to laugh so bad, but I just answered: No more Gucci babe, I hope you managed to buy your ticket back before I found out you use my money for your fancy shit”

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