Guy Reacts In Amazing Way After Finding His Girlfriend Spooning With Another Man!

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How we react in difficult situations tells a lot about who we are. No matter how composed a person may appear, their true colours show only in challenging conditions.
One guy, who went home to find his beloved spooning in his own home with another, is one good example of this.
Sam, a pharmacist in his early 30’s, had to live his own drama to realise how much strength he had.
Coming home one night found his girlfriend of two years in his own apartment with another man. Sam had left that morning on a one-day pharmacy conference that was taking place in another city. But on his way there, he received a call from a colleague informing him that the conference key-note speaker would not be attending due to illness. Sam decided to return home, as the key-note speaker was the reason he had decided to attend that conference in the first place.
He even thought he would surprise his girlfriend by showing up unexpected with flowers. The surprise however, was all his…
As soon as he entered his apartment, he found male shoes on the floor and a coat on a chair that was not his. Startled, he went back outside to make sure he entered the right house.

After seeing this was his flat number on the door, he went back inside still unsuspecting of what would follow. Sam walked into the living room where he saw his girlfriend sleeping on the couch curled up in someone else’s arms, while the TV was still on. The pair was sound asleep, while Sam’s cat, Panther, was sitting on the arm of the sofa looking at the odd couple. As soon as he saw Sam, the cat leaped from the sofa and rushed to him. Sam was still frozen from the sight of his girl in someone else’s arms.
He wanted to scream and break everything on sight but decided to take a photo of them first as evidence.
After taking a couple of photos, he posted them on his social media tagging his girlfriend with the comment: ‘Came home to this… Surprise!”.
After this, he felt so much better, as consoling comments and messages from shocked friends and relatives started pouring in.
Sam spent that night at his best friend’s deciding to let his now ex to figure out what had happened when she woke up the next morning. Still hurt, Sam refused to answer to her phone calls or messages or even see her. He felt there was nothing left for her to explain.

Thinking back on their relationship, he realised all the signs were there, that she was cheating – vague explanations about where she was, suspicious phone calls or messages, eager to spend time apart, no sex – but was too blinded by love to realise there was something wrong.
But Sam’s humorous reaction earned him points with the ladies, as the way he had handled the situation, showed he was a classy guy; no screaming, no breaking stuff, no bad-mouthing his ex.
After months of solitude and giving himself time to lick his wounds, he started dating again. His aim is to find an honest woman who can help him to trust again.
He is also now a bit wiser as to signs someone might be cheating on him.

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